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Small amps, Cranked!

After battling with various amp modellers for quite some time, I decided that there really was only one way to capture the tone I was after for my latest project.

Small amps Cranked.. the feel, sound and the feel of real air being pushed into a microphone is unbeatable.

After the photo was taken, and after some experimentation - I ended up settling for a dual mic setup using my Vox amp for the 'main' guitar parts.

Sennhesier e906 just off centre and an SM57 Beta off axis slightly nearer the edge of the other side of the cone. For the sparkly clean highs - the Gibson Goldtone amp is killer.

Some of my beautiful pedals, and Gibson Golden GA15-RV amp, and VOX AC4 amp. Not in picture is a Growling Gretsch, a Sparkley Stratocaster loaded with 'Sultans' Bare Knuckle Pickups, and a Session Beast 2002 Corona Stratocaster. All of my Strats get re-wired for my liking.. I'm a big fan of the bridge pickup!

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