Online Session Guitarist

I offer my services as a Remote Session Guitarist for hire with lots of experience and a fast turnaround. 
Send me your guide track and I'll expertly play and record the parts for you and send over an example. Providing a revision is not necesessary, I'll the stems over in your desired format via Dropbox.  

My equipment includes:
Cubase 10.5 Pro

Audient id44

Far too many to list..

Warm Audio Buss Comp
Tegeler Audio The Creme

DI Box
Fishman Aura Spectrum Pro
Neve RNDI Active
Palmer Re-Amp Box
Sparrow Dr. J (Bass DI)

Sure SM57beta
Sure SM58
Sennheiser e906
Mojave 301FET (LDC)
Avantone CR14 (Ribbon)
Avantone CK1 (SDC)
Audio Technica AT4041(SDC) X 2
Soup Can Mic

Gibson Goldtone GARV15 AMP
GRETA 2 Watt Tube Amp (Fender)

Guitars & Strung
Fender Stratocasters 
Gretsch G5422T Semi Acoustic

Martin 000-15ME Acoustic
Yamaha NCX900R (Nylon)
Gitane (Gypsy Jazz Maccaferri style)
Gretsch and Cordoba Uke's
Gretsch Lapsteel Guitar
Barns & Mullins Banjo
Epiphone Mandolin
Fender Squire Jazz Bass

Keely Compressor
Providence Heatblaster
Fulldrive 2 Mosfet
Fulltone Clyde Wah
Fulltone Soul Bender
EH Holy Grail Verb
TC Electronics Delay
Boss DS1
Boss Tuner
EH Juno
ERNIE BALL VPJunior (Volume Pedal)
Lots of others kicking around..

OLLO Audio S4 Headphones
Audio Technica ATH MX50 Headphones


"Geoff Clark is my go to guy for soulful, heartfelt guitar because he is one of those rare musicians that understands a great truth: you have to know when to leave space. You have to know not only what to play and when, but when NOT to play. When to leave space. When to allow the emotion to breathe. For me this is why Geoff stands head and shoulders above a million other guitarists: his lightness of touch and his understanding of how to play just the right part in a composition when other, less restrained talents would simply twaddle all over it."

- Greg Blackman

''It relies heavily on the excellent guitar of Geoff Clark, who has a limitless armoury of riffs and styles and swaps sounds regularly so you never get bored''

-Record Collector Magazine

Friends & Session Musicians

These guys are some of the incredible Session Musicians that I hire. I cannot recommend them more...


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